Palestine High School Alumni Association

Palestine High School Alumni Association, Palestine, Texas

HAAT Award for September 2016

Stephanie Camacho has been teaching at Palestine High School for 7 years. Her first year she taught strictly biology, but throughout the 7 years that she has been at Palestine, she has been blessed to be able to reach even more students through pre-ap biology, anatomy, dual credit anatomy, and dual credit biology. She absolutely loves teaching any and all science classes because she believes that this information is present constantly in our daily lives. We learn about the world around us and how it works and influences us. We also learn about our bodies and how even the smallest little proteins are necessary to keep our bodies functioning. It is so neat to see the students eyes light up when they have made the connections between the information we are learning in class and real life scenarios. That feeling alone, to really know that she has helped them grow even the slightest aptitude for science, makes  her love her job.  She has always had a passion for science and throughout college she really enjoyed sharing with her roommates all the interesting things that she was learning in her classes. She decided that being a science teacher was her calling in life. She loves getting to be the first person to teach the students the same, exciting new things that she learned and grew such a passion for. She has several animals in her classroom to keep the students engaged and interested.  In her classroom, she has a spotted python, rose haired tarantula, fish, a frog, guinea pigs and a leopard gecko. She has been happily married for two and half years to a wonderful man and they have a beautiful and energetic one and half year old daughter. She has an amazing family who has always supported her in all of her endeavors and has led her to be the person that she is today. Stephanie earned her Bachelor’s degree from A&M University and her Master’s degree from Tarleton State University.

Palestine High School Alumni Association is proud to recognize Stephanie as our Honor A Teacher (HAAT) recipient for September 2016.